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Leafs are falling


Fall. The leafs are falling. They fly in agitated and shaken eddies announcing the impending winter, or they dance to the beat of the still warm and friendly breeze saying goodbye with laziness of the gone summer. They are soaked in stormy rains changing color and texture or are gently washed by dense fogs produced by humidity and temperature contrasts. Green, red, yellow, brown, ocher, golden, purple … amazing ranges of colors. A beauty always surprising, always melancholic, charged as it is with the imminence of death.





Exquisite in its fragility, in its brevity. He who sees the privilege of seeing something so beautiful and ephemeral perceives. You have been lucky to see it, to look at it, to appreciate it. You try to immortalize it by taking pictures, writing about it to remember it with all the emotion, all the intensity with which you just enjoyed it. You yearn to capture that beauty, to be part of you, to stay with you, to comfort you and accompany you in times of need, to clothe you and defend you from so many ugly, unpleasant, annoying, bad things, that you know you will have to suffer anytime.









In a magical gesture you try to make yourself an amulet. An element that brings together that beauty and saves you when there is danger, remind you how beautiful the world is, how interesting life is, how much you deserve it because you appreciate it, because you enjoy it, because you live it; to what extent your life is not trivial because it is receptive, simply, even if you have not done anything apparently yet, even if you do not earn the money you thought you would earn, even if you do not recognize the merits you thought you had, even if everything has gone fatal and you are a damn mess. You appreciate the good. You are able to see the beautiful. You are a person and, just as a cat has no more obligation in life than being a cat, you fundamentally just have to be that, a person.








Pécora has managed to make that amulet of life. He has embodied in fabrics, it could be said that “by contagion”, all that ephemeral beauty and has given him a little more time for us. It is a work of love of life for life lovers and is an amulet of balance, beauty and happiness. Thank you meiga conservative alchemist of the miraculous and saving moment! Dye, paint, create so we don’t forget how much we like to live.