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Times lost


Morbid were the caresses
And the infinite infinitesimal kisses that we gave each other.
Grew lethal those who did not give each other.

Toxic was the skin we shared
Deleterious the air that we disputed.

There where our cloaked names
They melted into oblivion offered.

Of sickly tainted nostalgia
Travelers belongings guests
Where our empty house
Sometimes it nested.

Caresses, kisses, air, skin, belongings …
Necessary poisons,
Presence carriers:
Storm and beware.
Pregnant with distance and goodbyes,
Of absences and unfulfilled promises,
Of broken hopes
And also, of the unexpected to come.

But it seems now that the angry demons of the times
They conspire indolent
To straighten the piercing bow of metaphor
In whose distension are kept
And the seeds of the future await.

Enemies of this and any other figure
They work tirelessly
Rinsing longer and longer
In the shared presence
Until only masks remain
Looking at each other
Matching the hours

Meu amor, não venhas tarde

Sem alegria
Eu confesso, tenho medo
Que tu me digas um dia
Meu amor, não venhas cedo

Por ironia
Pois nunca sei onde vais
Que eu chegue cedo algum dia
E seja tarde demais

It may be too late …