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Pecora is the brand of the designer Mónica Rodríguez Varela. Galician born in Madrid spends most of her childhood traveling. At age nine she moved with her family to Galicia, where they finally settled.





With a degree in Art History, she moves to Madrid where she studies Theater. Back in Galicia, she is graduated in Fashion Design and obtained the Carte of Artscraft In 2019, Pecora was born, an artisanal, alternative, ethical and sustainable brand.

















The firm is established in a small Galician village in permanent contact with nature and animals. We work in a small laboratory workshop where we make prints from watercolors, photographs or paintings. We make natural dyes transforming waste, such as onion peels, into golden silks.




Our hallmark are the patterns, prepared from illustrations, photographs, paintings, prints of her cats, plants and anything that can inspire to create unique prints with a personal style, in which chromatism works as a fundamental element , looking for aesthetic pleasure and the evocation of sensations. An esential part of our work is the Ecoprint, botanical printing made with plants on natural fabrics, in the same way we dye fabrics with natural dyes to make unique garments and accessories. The printing is done in Spain, we defend the local trade. Pecora garments are simple pieces, in which comfort and quality prevail, with a personal and sophisticated style.


Pecora is a environment, we Slow we Fashion recycle reuse firm, fabrics, we design packaging and and paper, we produce organic are all our products waste to in make committed a sustainable natural to and dyes, we ethical make responsible way. We take patterns with quality care zero of the waste consumption.